Add To Registry   ←  Click, hold and drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar

To install the “Add To Registry” button in Internet Explorer:

  1. Display your Favorites Bar by clicking the View -> Toolbars -> Favorites Bar
  2. Drag the “Add To Registry” button to your Bookmarks bar, click Yes if prompted to add a Bookmarklet
  3. When you have found a gift you want to register for, push the “Add To Registry” button to add it to your registry
Once installed in your browser, the “Add To Registry” button lets you add any gift from any website to your Amazing Registry.

Video tutorial

How to use the 'Add To Registry' button

  1. Once you've displayed your Favorites Bar and dragged the 'Add To Registry' button to it, you should see:
  2. Then you should click it when you're looking at something you want to register for. To test it out, go to: Cuisinart at Macy's. Click the 'Add To Registry' button and you should see:
  3. Login to your account or create a new account. After that, you should see:
  4. Then you can add any comments visible to your guests in the Size/Color box, and click 'Add To Amazing Registry'. When you do that, you should get a success message like:
  5. If this is not working for you, please click here to contact us for assistance.

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