How it works

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Amazing Registry allows you to combine your registries from multiple stores and have them show up on one page. This way, your friends and family are able to see all of the gifts in one place.

Creating an account with Amazing Registry allows you to import your registries from the stores you have already registered at, as well as add new stores.

Then, you can tell people you are registered at, without having to tell them about each individual store.

We give your friends & family discount coupons to your stores automatically. This helps them save money while buying you exactly what you want.

In addition to the convenience, you will have access to interesting statistics about your registries such as: how many people have viewed it, what's been purchased and when, which gifts are still available, their average price.

You can also use our 'Add To Registry' button to add any gift from any store even if they don't have a registry program.

It's so easy! Create your registry today!

Frequently asked questions

How can I remove a gift added using the 'Add To Registry' button?
We're going to make this easier soon. Right now, click on 'Change purchased amounts' right above the gifts, and then set the desired amount for the gift to 0 and hit 'Save'.
What will happen if someone goes to the store to purchase a gift off my registry?
They will be able to print out your registry at the store and buy you a gift. The store will mark it purchased on your registry with them and Amazing Registry will follow suit automatically.
How often does Amazing Registry synchronize my registries from each store?
We sync up with your registries at different times depending on activity:

- With no activity, it will sync once per 3 hours
- If someone visited your registry, it will sync once per hour for the next 24 hours
- If someone clicked on a gift, it will sync every 5 minutes for the first hour
- If someone purchases something off of your registry, it will sync once per hour for the
next 24 hours including purchases not through Amazing Registry

You can also log in and click the 'Refresh registry' button to force your registries to refresh.
Will Amazing Registry recognize all of my existing registries?
Yes, it will. You actually need to be registered at the individual stores. You can also add additional stores once your account has been created.
Will I still be able to participate in the store's gift registry completion programs?
Yes. You are still registered at the store and you get all the benefits of being registered there.
Is there a fee to use the site? If I create a registry do I get charged? Do my guests have a service charge if they purchase something off the registry or any other hidden costs?
Amazing Registry is completely free.
I purchased a gift off of a registry, and now it’s still showing as available. What gives?
Some stores take longer than others to mark gifts as purchased. As soon as they do, we show it as purchased. If it’s been more than 24 hours, please contact the store and ask them to mark the gift as purchased.
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